The book

Through the luminous imagery of Giacomo Pirozzi , The Rights of Children presents a visual guide to the Convention on the Rights of the Child , the international treaty adopted by the United Nations in 1989 and ratified by almost all the world’s countries. Pirozzi’s photography provides evidence of these rights in the daily lives of children, a visual articulation of human rights for the youngest among us.

Chapter 1 introduces the articles that define children as all human beings under 18 years of age, and that affirm their right to be treated “without discrimination of any kind” and in their own, individual “best interest.”

Chapters 2 through 8 illustrate articles governing their rights to a name, nationality and family; to survival and development; to freedom of thought and expression; to be respected and protected from abuse, neglect or injury in all circumstances, including war; to education and play; to protection from economic or sexual exploitation, trafficking, torture and other gross violations; and to have their rights universally known and honoured.

I strongly believe that there can be no concessions about our commitment to child rights.
May this book be a call to action, inspiring us to work with tireless energy to see it fully honoured and its sphere of influence expanded to embrace all children, everywhere.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow